coolkid1Wake Up Gay is Scott Kiloby’s blog on the effect of progressive spirituality on LGBT relationships, identities and politics.  The site is run by Scott and Lisa Meuser, a Senior Facilitator of the Living Inquiries.  The term “progressive spirituality” includes the various modern and ancient teachings, approaches and realizations that penetrate through the belief in a separate identity and separation in general (e.g., Buddhism, Nonduality, Advaita Vedanta, Integral Spirituality).  What does seeing through the self mean for a community (LGBT) whose political power, social visibility, and acceptance depends on self-identification?  

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The site’s title, “Wake Up Gay,”speaks to two issues affecting identity within LGBT community:  Coming out and Waking up.

Coming Out is about self-identifying for the purpose of becoming visible as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered individuals.  This identity-making helps us move towards equality and acceptance across the world.  To read more on Scott’s view of the significance of coming out, go here.

Waking up is about moving beyond these limited identities once their reality is seen through and realizing a richer, more loving, peaceful, and compassionate way of being that sees no boundaries or divisions between anything or anyone.  To read more on Scott’s view of the significance of waking up, go here.

This site doesn’t contain only serious stuff!  You will find videos, links, articles, guest blogs, personal stories from readers and other things that are funny, sad, poignant, informative, unique or just plain interesting.  But it all relates to the central theme of this blog in some way.

Scott is an author and speaker on the subject of non-dual freedom. His main site is www.kiloby.com.  He is the creator of the Living Inquires and Natural Rest for Addiction (coming soon).