Anti-Gay Church Leader May be Gay

Posted by on July 20, 2013 in Unique Stuff | 1 comment

Fred PhelpsIs this gay-hater gay? On this site, we share about the benefit of waking up out of our LGBT identities and seeing that these identities are only conventional designations, not ultimately who we are.  But coming out can be such an important part of our lives.  This usually happens before we wake up.  Coming out is its own awakening.  Denying our sexual attraction can result in not only self-judgment but also negative attitudes, or even hate, for those in the LGBT community.  Fred Phelps is a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, whose main mission is to persecute homosexuals.  But . . . is he gay?  Oh, the painful irony if so.  Identity has a way of hurting us in ways we can’t always see until we take a closer look.  Here’s an article from Huffington Post  [Read More]

  • Marcos Villareal

    Internalized oppression?