The Current Political G-Spots: God and Gays

The Current Political G-Spots:  God and Gays

Scott Kiloby, July 1, 2013 There are many possible perspectives on the gay marriage issue, each of them partial.  This is merely one perspective. Now that the historic Supreme Court gay marriage decisions have been handed down, the summer of 2013 centers on two political G-spots:  God and gays.  As I watch the talking heads on both sides of the debate,  it seems on the surface that the central issue is “What would Jesus do?”  Would he cry in the face of this moral decay or would he think that gay marriage is fabulous?  Religious gay marriage opponents are citing God as the ultimate authority.  And the LGBT community is scrambling to meet them in that argument somehow, as difficult as it is to argue with the idea “This is God’s law.”  What a show stopper! This union of sex and religion is nothing new.  These two have been strange bedfellows for centuries.  But the tension between religion and sexual identity is magnified on the issue of gay marriage because of its potential social and political implications.  As I watched the mental sword fight, I saw something which felt more deeply-rooted here, buried beneath the surface issue of God and gays.  There are emotional wounds running the show on both sides of the equation.  This debate can be seen as much more than a question of who should be able to marry or even a question of morality, religion, or sexuality.  At its very core, like most human issues, it’s about identity.   Read More I could hear the subtext of the religious opponents of gay marriage taking the form of the story, “I’m unsafe,” (or a similar story).  “Gays are ruining our society” is a really scary thought!  But what is really being threatened?  Is God being threatened by well-decorated gay summer weddings or is the identity behind the religious belief itself being threatened?  I imagine it is the latter. Sometimes when I watch and listen to the fear and disgust, disguised by religious rhetoric, I can’t help but see that an emotional wound is talking, not a religious zealot. And, in many cases, I see the same on the other side.  Of course the arguments in favor of gay marriage have merit.  I support gay marriage 100%.  On the surface this is about equality and benefits.  Those are sound arguments.  But mental arguments are so often less about logic and more about defining and strengthening identity.  Asserting LGBT identities are important to assert at first, in order to start the conversation of equality.  But they lose their power when we hide what is really going on within us.  We are all hurting and feeling threatened by other. ...

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