Ram Dass: Talking About Being Gay, Being Soul Friends, and Just Being

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Dass says, “there is still so much guilt and shame to be found in the gay community.  And there are so many roles that gays get caught in.  I still work with my guilt and shame.  I was standing in line at the adult movie-theater once.  I was in Chicago.  And this hippie came walking by and saw me and recognized me.  He stopped and started a conversation.  As we talked I could see him registering where I was and his brain was scrambling to comprehend that Ram Dass, the spiritual teacher was standing in line at the gay porn theater.  In my mind I was trying to decide whether to be honest and go into the theater or to just walk down the street with him to get a cup of coffee.  I chose to go into the theater.  It took a lot of courage for me to  do that.  My own guilt and shame were so strong.  It was the perfect opportunity for me to Be Here Now!  As for the young gay kids coming out and growing up I say this, ‘Don’t label yourselves.  Allow your minds and your souls to connect with everyone you meet.'”  [Read More – Interview by Alan Davidson]